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The El Dorado Museum collection houses many stories of those that have had a connection to Eldorado, Clear Creek, Byawatha, Carraragarmungee, Londrigan areas as well as through the lower parts of the Woolshed Valley, across to Upper Everton, Everton and Tarrawingee and North Wangaratta.  

If you have a story, photos or information to share we are happy to hear from you  

 The El Dorado Museum also holds various early records from the area which we are happy to research for you for your family names. 

There is no set fee, but we appreciate a donationVisitors are asked to fill out the Family History Research book with contact details and names of family being researched. 

Resources include some school registers and school committee records, cemetery records, war records, lodge records, cricket and football teams, some Wesleyan Church records, Red Cross items, Mining records.   

A major resource is, El Dorado Gold – an Australian History edited by Sandra Buchan and available at the El Dorado Museum or from Sandra Buchan 

Publications available to read while visiting the El Dorado Museum: 

Local family stories about the Kelly Gang from El Dorado Gold – an Australian History –edited by Sandra Buchan.  

Dunstan p145, McKoy p217, Manson p223, Moore p237, McLaughlin p218 

Wallace p306, Fealy p158, Schuppe p276 

Various books and publications on the Kelly Gang are also available 


Joe Byrne – The untold history, link  

kelly gang connections

Ned Kelly Touring Route

Woolshed Valley Panel Number 8? – Aaron Sherritt, Joe Byrne 

Exhibits at the museum 

Kelly chair: 

This chair is currently on loan by L Redfern. Her parents bought the chair from a secondhand dealer in Wangaratta where they were told the chair had come from Ellen Kelly’s home. 


Corkscrew used by Ned Kelly: 

Annie Mull, daughterinlaw of Marie Mull who ran the Royal Oak Hotel near Sheppards Road, Carraragarmungee, told the story of Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne stopping at the hotel late one night. Ned requested a drink of whisky but insisted on it being in an unopened bottle due to fear of being poisoned. This corkscrew apparently was the one used by Ned to open the bottle.  


Replica armour: 

The El Dorado Museum features a Joe Byrne replica armour 

John Cock

John Cock was born in Madron Cornwall England in 1838 to Mathew Cock and Mary Gendall. The family came to Australia in 1854 aboard “The City of Manchester”. John married Mary Ann Nicholls in 1863. John and Mary had ten children. John died in 1924 at his residence “Madron” in Chiltern

John Cock is first found in the El Dorado area in 1858 when he was working…

Hugh Falconer

Hugh Falconer – was born 4 Mar 1864 in Bothwell, South Lanarkshire, Scotland to Isabella Walker and Hugh Falconer. He married Mary Elizabeth Schellnack in Heathcote Victoria in 1889. They had six children, two of whom were born in El Dorado. Hugh died16 Apr 1936 in Coburg and is buried at El Dorado…

Mary Mull

Mary Mull – Mary was born Marie Caroline Borchers in Hanover Germany 1841 and came to Australia in 1857 with her parents and siblings. In 1863 she married Heinrich (Henry) Mull a miner from El Dorado. Marie and Henry had two children, William and Amelia. Mary/Marie died in 1919. 

Marie was quite an enterprising businesswoman as after being…



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