visits and bookings

We welcome all visitors to El Dorado Museum on the days and times we are open.
Entry fees
Adults $5, school- age children $3, families $15
All group bookings are $5 per person. Allow around 45 mins for group visits. We can accommodated around 15 to 20 adults at a sitting.

Sundays 2-4:30 pm
Most public holidays 10am–4pm
Exceptions Good Friday and Christmas Day
We are closed for safety reasons if there is a Total Fire Ban day in our region.

Bookings for times outside of opening hours, can be made through the liaison officer: 03 5725 1542

things to do

View the exhibits

Try gold panning

Find the ten hidden gold nuggets

View the DVD on the history of El Dorado and the Cock’s Eldorado Gold and Tin Mining Dredge

Search-and-find for kids-both big and little.

school and group activities include

Activity sheets

Dress ups

Guess the item in the “Feely Box”

Create a postcard to posting the letterbox

Use the old-style typewriter

Look through the needlecraft suitcase with white gloves


The El Dorado Museum holds an interesting and diverse collection reflecting the life and times of the region from 1850s to the 1950s.

El Dorado Museum

Gold mining

Opening times

Sundays 2pm-4:30pm
Most public holidays 10 am to 4 pm excepting Good Friday and Christmas Day.
Closed Total Fire Ban Days.

Booking a visit

We welcome all groups to El Dorado Museum. Bookings need to be made for out of open times.